Libby Toenjes

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: BODYPUMP™/TONE™ Instructor
Libby Toenjes Gym Photo 1

Belleville, IL 

Why I Got Involved In Teaching Group Exercise
Several years ago, I was in a very stressful job and struggling to find healthy outlets. I was determined to find a better way to take care of myself, so a friend and I signed up for classes at a local gym. I was hooked right away after that feel good mindset that comes with a great workout. After some time, one of the instructors approached me to go through training to become certified in BodyPump. I knew that becoming certified would give me the sense of accountability I needed to remain active and healthy, and so many more benefits followed that I would have never predicted.

What Motivates Me to Keep In Shape
The class participants! I am always blown away by others’ dedication to staying active, and I run on the energy that comes from the gym community. As an instructor, I try to lead by example. Classes like BodyPump are challenging, and keeping in shape all around helps me feel stronger during workouts and gives me motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. I can’t say enough about the mental health benefits and self-confidence that naturally follow, and I strive to make this a lifelong habit so that I am healthy and able-bodied later in life.

Why My Class Is Unique

I’m a self-proclaimed goofball, and I’ve been told that I have some funny jokes. I like to have fun! My goal is to see at least one person smile during class. BodyPump is tough and we work hard, so I love finding ways to laugh through the pain. Each participant offers a unique personality and skill level, and I enjoy getting to know everyone. I love feedback from the participants during class, from a few dance moves during a good beat to a holler during massive weight tracks – YOU as a participant drive me to have fun, push the group, and get our sweat on.   

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