Sarah Scatizzi

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: BODYPUMP™ Group Exercise Instructor
Sarah Gurney

St. Louis, MO

Why I got involved in teaching Group Exercise: 
After I graduated college and started my career in teaching, I joined a gym as an outlet to relieve stress after the long after-school hours.  I gravitated toward the group fitness classes because I loved having an instructor guide me, I loved working out to music, but most of all, I loved the community feel of group fitness.  After several years as a participant, I was approached to be an instructor because of my dedication to group fitness.

What motivates me to keep in shape: 
I love the way I feel after a good workout.  It is good for the body, mind and soul!  

Why my class is unique: 
When you attend my class, you'll draw from my energy and excitement.  You can't help but have fun while you are working out!  I will encourage you to challenge yourself and grow stronger in both body and spirit. 


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