Kate Mooney

The Lodge Personal Training Team
Title: Personal Trainer, CPT (ACE)
Phone: 314.835.6186
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Kate Mooney

About Kate
Kate has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and fitness from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Kate is pursuing a certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. Kate grew up in Kirkwood, Missouri. Kate is a very sociable and very personal. She loves working with people who want to reach their goals. She wants to learn as much as she can about training all populations. She wants to be able to help everyone and everyone.

Top five favorite/ frequently heard things from my clients:
- I’m actually looking forward to swim suit shopping this year!
- My jeans fit again!
- I have to go out and buy new clothes!
- Gardening has gotten so much easier!
- My lower back has stopped hurting!

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