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Archery Hunting Application - Intent to Hunt

  1. Notification of Intent to Hunt
    The undersigned property owner(s), after having the opportunity to fully read and understand the hunting regulations as found under Ordinance 2872, hereby notifies the City of Des Peres Department of Public Safety of his/her intent to permit archery hunting on the following property:
  2. Please check the following boxes to certify that you have read and fully understand the hunting regulations contained under Ordinance 2872: *
  3. Indemnity Clause & Waiver
    In consideration of being authorized to allow archery hunting within the corporate limits of the City of Des Peres, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the enabling ordinance, as well as all State regulations concerning deer hunting, and I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Des Peres, for any and all claims which may arise from the hunting activity on my property, whether such claim is based on property damage or personal injury, or whether or not the claim is based on my activity, the activity of my agents or assigns, or if the claim arises on property other than my own, including acts of negligence, and I further agree that this indemnity clause includes the reimbursement to the City of Des Peres for any and all costs of defense, including court costs and attorney fees, in the event that the City is named as a defendant.
  4. Next Steps
    Please note that if multiple properties are involved in a proposed hunt, all participating households must individually complete and submit this form. Once this form is submitted, a member of the Des Peres Department of Public Safety will make direct contact to survey the proposed hunting site for compliance with the ordinance. Property owners must also distribute the Contiguous Neighbor Notification and Deer Retrieval Permission Form to all neighboring properties not separated by a street and submit those signatures to Public Safety for approval.
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