Business Watch

About the Program

Business Watch is a free program offered by the Des Peres Department of Public Safety to all businesses in the city. The program is an excellent way to keep in contact and network on issues specific to doing business in Des Peres. Information sharing is invaluable and membership in this program builds cohesiveness within the Des Peres Business Community.

Businesses exist within, and for, a dynamic and changing society. Just as demands for certain types of products and consumer goods change, so does the exposure to new types of crime and safety threats. Homeland security issues, gang violence, and identity theft are just a few of the new vulnerabilities that society and businesses must confront. In order to stay current in addressing new crime/safety issues within the business community, the Des Peres Department of Public Safety resolved to implement the Business Watch Program.


The Des Peres Department of Public Safety is dedicated to providing education and training to the citizens and businesses of the City of Des Peres. Crime prevention is more than just security, it is community. The purpose of the Business Watch Program is to encourage businesses to become more involved in reducing the opportunity for crimes to occur at their establishment. This is accomplished by raising awareness and knowledge through written policies and training, implementing recommended security applications, and by increased communication and cooperation between businesses and the Police Department. Communication is primarily through and email alert system.

I would encourage you to join us in this worthy endeavor and enable us to fulfill our mission. Please contact us at 314-835-6200 for more information.