Greenbriar Estates Cul-de-sac Reconstruction

Project Summary

This year's project included the reconstruction of three cul-de-sacs in Greenbriar Estates: Briar Valley Court, Greenbriar Estates Court, and Wickerton Court. The existing pavement was generally 5" of concrete on dirt. It now consists of 8" of concrete on an aggregate base, with dowel bars for load transfer. 

Project Update and Schedule

This project has been completed. Spencer will be back later this week to touch up the backfill and grass. Please help Spencer out by watering the new grass seed. It's a tough time of year to get grass to grow. 

We've had inquiries as to whether Spencer will be replacing slabs on Greenbriar Estates Drive. They will not, but our Streets crew will be replacing a few slabs. It is more economical to bring in a contractor for larger projects. They bring in larger equipment and bigger crews. Our Streets crew can remove and replace individual slabs, remobilizing each day from our garage, instead of leaving equipment on-site overnight. Contractor bid prices would be much higher for that type of work.


Last updated 7/26/23