Des Peres Road Pedestrian Signals

Project Summary

The 2021 Capital Improvement Budget includes funding to purchase pedestrian signals for Des Peres Road. One set will be installed at Grandview (near the Lodge) and another slightly north of Goodson/Wyndham Crossing. Upon approval by the Board at their 1/11/21 meeting, the equipment was ordered. It will be installed by Streets personnel in order to reduce costs. The Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) system will be identical to those installed in 2019 on Tallie (at Pioneer Park) and in 2020 on Bopp (at St. Clement's School). 


Project Update and Schedule

Equipment arrived in mid-March, and was assembled in the shop on rainy days. Streets personnel will pour concrete bases, program the electronics, and install the equipment. Curb ramps will also need to be installed and replaced in order to meet ADA requirements, as indicated by the white paint and flags at each location. 

Last updated 3/23/21