Active Solicitors

Pursuant to Section 13; Division 3 of the Des Peres Municipal Code applicants and supervisors applying for an Itinerant, Merchants, Hawkers, Peddlers, Brokers or Solicitors License must submit the following:

- Background Check provided by St. Louis County (completed within 7 days of application)
- Two Passport Sized Color Photos
- Applicant's Drivers License
- Fee ($50 per individual, $10 if firm or organization)
- Copy of Sales Tax License issued by the State of Missouri
- Affidavit or Statement that the Firm/Organization owed no taxes due

Said names/organizations listed above have completed the application process, been cleared by the Department of Public Safety and have received the Do Not Solicit List.

If you wish to be added to the Do Not Solicit List, and receive a sticker for your window please contact the City Clerk  at