Des Peres Road Roundabout

Project Summary

In 2017, the City of Des Peres utilized a MoDOT TEAP grant (Traffic Engineering Assistance Program) to study traffic on Des Peres Road. One of the recommendations of the study was reconfiguration of the intersection of Des Peres Road with Old Des Peres Road. This intersection was the site of frequent accidents due to its unique nature. While many laypeople suggested a four-way stop, the volume during peak periods would cause significant delays and backups. The study suggested either a traffic signal or roundabout. Given the geometry and setting of the location, a roundabout was deemed the better option.

The City applied for a CMAQ grant (Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality) in May 2018 through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments, but was unsuccessful. Over the 2018-2019 winter, the City designed and implemented minor modifications to the intersection to reduce accidents. We are happy to report that over the past year, rear-end collisions have been reduced by this modification. However, right-angle collisions persist. The City again applied for a CMAQ grant in 2019, and the the grant was approved, providing 80% reimbursement for all phases of the project: Design 2020, ROW 2021, Construction 2022. The total project budget is approximately $1.6M.

Due to the size of the project, MoDOT’s Qualification-Based Selection process must be strictly followed in choosing an engineer for design. A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was posted with MoDOT in November 2019, with responses due 12/11/19. Letters of interest were received from eight (8) consultants, then reviewed in order to select the best-qualified firm, in accordance with state and federal law. Three finalists were interviewed in January 2020 by staff in order to further evaluate their qualifications. CMT was selected, and their contract was approved by the Board of Aldermen 3/23/20. 

Project Update and Schedule

CMT's design work is well underway and will continue through 2021. Any necessary easements or rights-of-way (ROW) will be acquired in 2021, and construction will take place in 2022. Public outreach efforts will take place during 2021, but may be limited due to health restrictions. At the very least, exhibits will be posted here.

Public Notice for 4(f) Comments

The City of Des Peres is proposing a project at the intersection of Des Peres Road and Old Des Peres Road in Des Peres, St. Louis County, Missouri. The intersection is currently a stop- and yield-controlled intersection. The project will convert the existing intersection to a new 4-leg roundabout, and feature new approaches, sidewalks, and crosswalks. Roundabout lighting, landscaping, and drainage are also included in this project. The project is located adjacent to The Lodge, a recreational property eligible for protection under Section 4(f) (23 CFR Part 774).  The property will be impacted through the construction of the roundabout at the Des Peres Road intersection and the reconstruction and realignment of the existing sidewalk on the property at the southern end of the property.  Approximately 0.16 acre of new right-of-way and 0.17 acre of temporary easement will be required from the property. Please see the exhibit for project details.  The swimming pool and recreational complex on The Lodge property will not be affected by the use of the property for the proposed project. The recreational features of the property will remain accessible to the public during and after the project construction.

Public comments concerning the proposed project in relation to The Lodge, a 4(f) resource should be received by June 30, 2021 and can be submitted by emailing Steve Meyer or mailed to the City of Des Peres Public Works, Attn. Steve Meyer, 12325 Manchester Road, Des Peres, MO 63131.

Updated 5/27/21