Steps & Procedures

Procedures for Sanitary Sewer Lateral Repair Program
  1. An application form is submitted to Public Works Department by the property owner together with the fee ($225), verification letter from a plumber stating the problem or defect and release form from property owner(s) authorizing work on private property.
  2. The City verifies the problem or defect by use of a video camera service company and / or die testing. The camera service company will schedule an appointment with owner to do the camera work and will mark on the lawn the location of the line.
  3. The City reviews videotape and report by video company and either accepts or denies repairs. If repairs are denied, the owner is refunded the portion of the fee not utilized in making the investigation.
  4. The City contacts a contractor who has been awarded all City work, explaining the amount of work they are authorized to perform. If another contractor is desired by owner, the City will only pay the bid rate for the work and the owner must make up the difference in cost. The maximum amount of funds that can be spent on any one project is now limited to $7,500.
  5. The contractor visits the site and informs the owner of any personal items in the way that must be removed at the owner’s expense. These items could include: 
    • Fences
    • Flower beds
    • Playgrounds
    • Pools
    • Retaining walls
    • Sprinklers
    • Yard decorations
  6. The contractor notifies utility companies, whom in turn locate any utility lines buried near work site. This process takes two days to complete. Painted lines will be marked on the ground.
  7. The contractor obtains a permit from the County Plumbing Department and performs work. The actual repairs should not take more than two days under normal circumstance (most cases take only one day).
  8. The County and City inspect work as it is done.
  9. The contractor leaves the excavated earth piled on top of the line so that settlement can take place.
  10. The City pays the contractor after receipt of the lien waiver, affidavit of compliance with minimum wage rate, written -year guarantee, and owner release. The Lien waiver and guarantee are furnished to the property owner if requested.
  11. After the earth settles, the property restores yard area with seed or sod at his own expense.