Park Construction Projects

Des Peres Park Phase 1

Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts & Parking Lot

Improvements to Des Peres Park in 2019 include replacing the six asphalt tennis courts with six new post-tension concrete tennis courts, three pickleball courts, a parking lot, a unisex restroom, and trail connections. The city plans to send out construction bids in April 2019 and will be presented to the Board of Alderman for approval in May. The current tennis courts will remain open until construction starts in mid June.

Preliminary Construction Schedule

5/28/2019     Construction Contracts presented to the Board of Alderman
6/10/2019     Cost reduction options submitted to Board of Alderman for review
6/17/2019     Anticipated Notice to Proceed to Contractors
8/19/2019     Demolition, bulk of grading and utility work completed, court concrete work to begin
11/22/2019   Substantial Project Completion

Project Overview

Des Peres Park Tennis Court Project Presentation

18-1207 DP Construction Sign
2019-03-02 Des Peres Park Tennis Court Project Preliminary Construction Documents

Tree Removal

In order to build the tennis courts on one level and install the new parking lot and pickleball courts, 21 existing trees will need to be removed. Replacement trees and landscaping will be planted during the project.  Tree removal will begin in April in order to prepare for the needed earthwork in June.

2019 Des Peres Park Tree Removal Map