Park Construction Projects

Des Peres Park Phase 1

Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts & Parking Lot

Improvements to Des Peres Park in 2019 include replacing the six asphalt tennis courts with six new post-tension concrete tennis courts, three pickleball courts, a parking lot, a unisex restroom, and trail connections. The city sent out construction bids in April 2019. 

Construction Schedule

(Tentative - pending weather delays)
5/28/2019 Construction Contracts presented to the Board of Alderman
6/10/2019 Cost reduction options submitted to Board of Alderman for review
7/1/2019 Notice to Proceed to Contractors
7/8/2019 Tennis Courts closed
7/26/2019 Demolition began
9/1/2019 Major grading work began
9/6/2019 Work halted due to City Hall/Des Peres Park water line
10/1/2019 New water service installed
10/4/2019 Water service for City Hall/Des Peres Park switched over from old service
10/7/2019 Grading resumes
10/17/2019 Complete Site Grading
10/16/2019 Begin Electrical Rough in
10/17/2019 Begin Comfort Station Construction
10/22/2019 Begin Tennis Court Construction
10/28/2019 Begin Pickleball Court Construction
10/29/2019 Begin Shuffleboard Construction
1/31/2020 Substantial Project Completion

Project Status Update

On September 6, work has stopped on the project due to a water line that is not as deep as expected.  The line was installed in 1954, prior to the City purchasing the property and it was believed that the water line was outside of the project boundaries. 

After working with engineers and Missouri American Water Company, a new water line for City Hall and Des Peres Park was installed the week of October 1.  This new water line runs from a water main that runs through Des Peres Park. The old water line that came from the water main along Manchester Road will be removed and construction will recommence the week of October 7. 

This delay has set the project back 21-30 days.  There should not be an issue with getting all of the construction completed by January.  However, we now risk not having the courts poured in time to allow them to cure and have them painted this fall.  After the concrete has cured, there must not be any rain in the forecast and the temperature has to be above 50 degrees to apply the court surfacing.

Project Overview

Des Peres Park Tennis Court Project Presentation

2019-07-31 Court Demolition
18-1207 DP Construction Sign
2019-03-02 Des Peres Park Tennis Court Project Preliminary Construction Documents