Park Construction Projects

Des Peres Park Phase 1

Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts & Parking Lot

Improvements to Des Peres Park in 2019 include replacing the six asphalt tennis courts with six new post-tension concrete tennis courts, three pickleball courts, a parking lot, a unisex restroom, and trail connections. The city sent out construction bids in April 2019. 

Preliminary Construction Schedule

5/28/2019 Construction Contracts presented to the Board of Alderman
6/10/2019 Cost reduction options submitted to Board of Alderman for review
7/1/2019 Anticipated Notice to Proceed to Contractors
7/8/2019 Tennis Courts closed. Construction to start mid July
7/26/2019 Demolition Began
9/1/2019 Demolition, bulk of grading and utility work completed, court concrete work to begin
12/31/2019 Substantial Project Completion

Project Overview

Des Peres Park Tennis Court Project Presentation

2019-07-31 Court Demolition
18-1207 DP Construction Sign
2019-03-02 Des Peres Park Tennis Court Project Preliminary Construction Documents