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Tai Chi combines gentle movements, Qigong, meditation and traditional Chinese martial arts. Students of all ages will learn the basic form of Chen Style Tai Chi for health and wellness, as well as the principle and philosophy of Tai Chi. Tai Chi exercise improves circulation, stability and overall health. It can also help to restore the harmony and balance in practitioners. Beginners welcome! This class will now meet at the Lodge Des Peres in our group exercise studio. Weather permitting this class may take place outdoors on the Lodge grounds. All levels are welcome. 

Minimum 4/Maximum 18


  • $104/Member & Resident; $125/Non-Resident (8 weeks)

Age: 16 and Older

Location: Lodge Des Peres Group Exercise Studio 

Time: 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Qin Zeng
  • #2876  November 1 – December 20 (8 weeks)
  • #3411  January 3 – February 28 (9 weeks) 
  • #3412  March 6 – April 24 (8 weeks) 
Day: Sunday
Time: 9:15 – 10:15 a.m.
Instructor: Master Arthur Du
  • #2878  November 5– December 17 (7 weeks)
  • #3413  January 7 – March 3 (9 weeks) 
  • #3414  March 10 – April 28 (7 weeks)(no class 3/31)

TAI CHI Walking Stick

Tai Chi Walking Stick has a long history. It not only has a self-defense, offensive  function but also combines graceful movements and mindfulness.  More importantly, Practicing Tai Chi Walking Stick can strengthen your body and cultivate your heart and mind, improve your stability and overall health. This class is suited for people ages 14+. (Everyone needs to bring a stick (wood or bamboo) as a cane; the length is about 47’’-- 50”) Master Du is a Sixth Generation Descendant of Yang Style Tai Chi Quan and Twelfth Generation Descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi Quan. Beginners welcome! This program takes place at the Lodge Des Peres Oak Room.  All levels are welcome. Minimum 4/Maximum 18

Cost:     $104/Member & Resident; $125/Non-Resident (8 weeks)

Instructor: Arthur Du

Day:    Saturday

Location: Lodge Des Peres Oak Room

Time:    8:30– 9:30 a.m.

#3415  January 6 – February 24 (8 weeks)

#3417  March 9  – April 27 (8 weeks)