Tallie Dr. and Vinetta Dr. Improvements

Project Summary
Tallie Drive and Vinetta Drive are both slated for improvements in 2019.  Vinetta Drive will receive new concrete "rolled" curbs like most of our streets, then an asphalt overlay.  On Tallie Drive, we're taking advantage of this opportunity to complete the sidewalk connection from Pioneer Park to Manchester Road, before milling off the old asphalt and resurfacing.
The full set of drawings is available by clicking the "Bids..." link below.  Select drawings are shown here for your convenience:
Plans-North Half
Plans-South Half
Plans-Northern Third
Plans-Middle Third
Plans-Southern Third
Signs & Striping-Northern Third
Signs & Striping-Middle Third
Signs & Striping-Southern Third
Product Information-Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)
Video of RRFB 

Project Update and Schedule

Bids for this project were opened 4/12, with Byrne & Jones as the low bidder. 

Tallie Drive

Notification letters were delivered prior to the start of work, and signs were posted. Sawcutting occurred on 5/24, and excavation for sidewalk and curb began 5/28. The driveway aprons, curbs, and sidewalks were completed in June.

The asphalt surface was removed on 6/28, and the underlying slabs were marked for replacement at four locations. Those slabs were replaced 7/16 and 7/17. Placement of the new asphalt surface is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, 7/24. Additional signage will be posted prior to paving.

Vinetta Drive: Sawcutting for the new curbs is scheduled to occur approximately 7/22.  Curb installation will follow shortly thereafter. No Parking signage will be installed and notifications will be delivered by Byrne & Jones.

Updated 7/17/19