Street Resurfacing Project

Project Summary

This project will include work throughout Apple Hill Subdivision and four streets in Harwood Hills.

Apple Hill: Tree Top Lane and Apple Hill Lane are both asphalt streets with concrete curbs. Significant portions of the concrete curbs will be replaced first, then the existing asphalt surface will be removed and replaced to a depth of 2". Kassie View is currently a concrete street. Some of the most deteriorated slabs will be replaced before being overlaid with asphalt

Harwood Hills: Brookbend Drive has an ongoing issue with groundwater seepage at the east end. Plans are currently being developed to install a new curb inlet and storm sewer pipe to address this issue. Plans will be reviewed and approved by MSD, and this project will receive reimbursement from MSD's OMCI stormwater program.  Both Brookbend Drive and Middleview Drive are currently concrete streets. Some of the most deteriorated or undermined slabs will be replaced before being overlaid with asphalt. Fairbrook Drive and Lindemere Drive were originally concrete streets that were later overlaid with asphalt. That asphalt overlay will be removed and replaced. In-between, some of the most deteriorated slabs will be replaced.

Project Schedule/Update

Bids were opened 5/2 and a contract was awarded to E. Meier Contracting at the 5/8 Board meeting. Work is not expected to start until late July. Notification letters will be delivered prior to the start of work. 

Last Updated 5/10/23