Pavement Management

Pavement Management
The City's Pavement Management Plan incorporates pavement evaluation, maintenance, planning, and capital improvement projects. Please read this article further explaining Pavement Management in Des Peres.

Pavement Management Plan (treatment types)

Pavement Evaluation

All of the streets in the City of Des Peres are evaluated by Streets Division staff each year in late November or early December.  Dave Mieger and Joe Klingler has been certified in pavement evaluation by Missouri LTAP.

The standard procedures used in the City's evaluation are established by the PASER program.
PASER manual-Asphalt
PASER manual-Concrete

December 2023 Pavement Condition Map

One of the most basic maintenance operations is cracksealing.  Sealing the cracks keeps out moisture, rocks, and other debris.  Keeping the joints sealed reduces damage caused by freeze/thaw. When slabs are replaced by the Streets Division or its contractors, the joints are sealed.  The City bids out cracksealing services each spring, covering the east "half" of the city in even years and the west "half" of the city in odd years. 

Other maintenance activities performed by the Streets Division include temporary repairs with cold patch, as well as milling and paving permanently with asphalt or concrete.

Where do potholes come from? Pothole Factsheet

As an outcome of our 2016 Strategic Plan, we started developing three-year capital improvement budgets. We've since taken it as step further, preparing 5-year plans. Planning ahead allows us to adequately design more complex projects, whether in-house or through the use of engineering consultants.
Grants are available for certain types of projects, but they require significant planning and have longer timelines. For instance, the City applied for an STP grant (Surface Transportation Program) to resurface Bopp Road in March 2016. The project was selected in June 2016, and the program agreement arrived from MoDOT in January 2017. Design started in 2018, easement acquisition in 2019, and construction in 2020. But it was worth the wait, since the grant covered 80% of expenses, saving the City $417,000. We have a similar project scheduled for construction on Lindemann in 2024, and were recently awarded grants for Des Peres Road and a Roundabout at the intersection of Des Peres Road with Old Des Peres Road. Over time, this planning saves the City millions. 

Capital Improvement Projects
A list of current Capital Improvement Projects, including project updates, is conveniently located at