Fairoyal Drive Reconstruction

Project Summary
Many of our older concrete streets consist of 5" of concrete on top of compacted soil. Due to the extensive failures of the existing pavement, the concrete street and underlying soil will be removed, and a new cross-section will be constructed, consisting of 4" of rock and 8" of concrete.  Slabs will be tied together using epoxy-coated steel rebars. Half the street will be removed and replaced at a time, to mitigate the effect of construction on homeowners.

Project Location and Schedule
Fairoyal Drive will be replaced from approximately Eastroyal to Dunroyal.  The project bid 2/2/18 and the low bidder was M&H Concrete.  Work is expected to start at the end of May.
Maps and Drawings
Pavement Detail
Joint and Ramp Detail
Phasing Map
Updated 2/6/18