Bent Brook Drive Slab Replacements

Project Background

The City has budgeted $492,000 to replace deficient concrete slabs on Bent Brook Road in 2023. A similar project took place in Spring Valley Woods in 2022, and another is planned for side streets of Spring Valley in 2027.

Please note that neither the existing nor new concrete is "colored" concrete.  While there is some limestone-based concrete around the city, most of the concrete contains Meramec sand and gravel, which provides the orange/brown look.  While the new concrete initially appears to be a bright white, over time, the color mellows and the top layer of cement wears off, revealing the brown sand and gravel underneath.

Project Update/Schedule

Bids were opened on 2/21, and a contract was awarded to E.Meier Contracting by the Board of Aldermen at their 2/27 meeting. Signs have been placed in the neighborhood, and slabs have been marked. The preconstruction meeting took place on 7/28. Notices have been distributed to the neighborhood, and a notice was also included in the "All Things Des Peres" page of the 8/4 Webster-Kirkwood Times.  

While we cannot precisely predict dates of work, this 
revised phasing map shows the order in which work will take place. The schedule will change based upon weather and productivity

Week of 8/28: Phase 1 has been removed, set up, and poured. Phase 2 removals started

Week of 9/5: Phase 2 removals and setup (Tu) and pour (W); Phase 3 removals and setup (Th/F)

Week of 9/11: Pour Phase 3 (M), remove and set up Phase 4 (Tu/W) and parts of Phase 5 (W/F), pour Phase 4 and parts of 5 (Th). The phasing map (link above) has been revised. We have swapped portions of phases 5 & 6, since Phase 3 is still curing. Also, Phases 4 & 5 are larger than the others, so they may take a combined three days of pours instead of the typical single pour per phase. 

Week of 9/18: Continue pouring Phase 5 (M), Remove and setup Phase 6 (Tu-Th), Pour Remainder of Phase 5 (W) and Phase 6 (F), set up curb ramps (F). Slabs poured on Monday will be reopened to traffic late Friday afternoon. 

We are aware of the problems with traffic flow that occurred during Wednesday's pour. The contractor will provide a dedicated flagger to direct traffic during Friday's pour. If you can, please help us out by limiting trips in and out of the neighborhood during the day.

While we've had some very dry conditions, please consider turning off your sprinklers when work is occurring nearby. We've had issues with sprinkler runoff filling excavations and damaging freshly poured concrete.  Even if the work is not occurring right next to your yard, water may be running downhill and causing problems. Thank you for your help. 

Week of 9/25: Brook Valley will be reopened on Monday, and removal of Phase 7 will begin. It will likely be poured back in on Wednesday. We will close Bent Brook and detour traffic through Brook Valley for the Phase 7 pour, as we did with the Phase 3 pour. If all goes well, Phase 8 will be removed W/Th and poured F. 

This webpage will be the best place to go for updates throughout the project.

Updated 9/21/23