Site Maintenance Standards

Requirements During Construction
  • A construction fence is required prior to commencing construction of new home
  • The fence shall have a securable gate no less than 14 feet wide
  • Dumpsters on site must be covered except during work hours
  • No open stockpiling of construction debris or trash is permitted
  • A construction sign is required detailing the address, and the person responsible for site maintenance, including name, phone number, and a notice to contractors regarding work hours and maintenance of streets
  • You must provide for placement of portable toilets at least 10 feet from property line with exceptions approved by the Director of Public Works
  • A loading zone must be created and a notice must be sent to Public Safety if the street is to be blocked more than 15 minutes and an alternate route does not exist
  • All construction materials must be stored within the construction fenced area except with a permit from the Department of Public Works
  • Streets are to remain free and clear at all times of mud and debris
  • A $1,000 deposit is required to guarantee compliance with in-fill housing site maintenance requirements