Trailnet Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Planning Process
In 2014, the City of Des Peres receive a grant from Trailnet to create a 15-year plan for enhancing walking and biking improvements in streets in Des Peres. The purpose of engaging with Trailnet to develop a  Des Peres Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was to help the City make decisions to leverage the limited funding available for biking and walking, including:

• Prioritize investments in walking and biking based on cost, available right-of-way, and strengthening the overall network
• Encourage routine maintenance and upgrades to be opportunities to improve the biking and walking network
• Strengthen applications for state and federal funding
• Identify opportunities for encouragement, education, enforcement, and evaluation

The planning process was initiated in 2014 and in the fall of 2015. The plan encompasses the City of Des Peres as well as, connections to planned and existing routes in surrounding communities. The planning process was designed to help realize the vision and priorities of the residents of Des Peres.

The outreach process included four meetings with the Planning Advisory Committee, several community engagement events, two work sessions with the Board of Aldermen, and a survey available online and on paper. A summary of each meeting and a copy of the survey questions can be found in the appendices of the plan document. The needs identified in the outreach process are integrated throughout the plan, including the planning priorities.

Trailnet staff presented a draft plan to the Board of Aldermen on Monday, August 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. A public hearing was then held on September 14 at 7:00 p.m. The public hearing was well attended by the community and the outcome of the  hearing indicated additional revisions to the plan were needed to reflect the desires and priorities of the community.

Trailnet was subsequently instructed to work with city staff throughout the Fall of 2015 to revise the plan to reflect community sentiment and priorities. The final draft was delivered in early February 2016 for the Board of Aldermen to take under advisement. The Board will be reviewing the document in Spring 2016 and will take the matter up at a meeting TBD in 2016.

Trailnet Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
Bicycle Master Plan Map
Pedestrian Master Plan Map