Street Resurfacing Project

Project Summary
The 2018 Street Resurfacing Project includes the following streets: Anduin, Andre, Claychester Ct (east of bridge), Christine, and Windridge Dr/Ct.  With the exception of the southern part of Christine, each street will have its existing asphalt surface milled off, underlying concrete replaced on an as-needed basis, and then an asphalt overlay.  The southern section of Christine will simply receive an overlay.  None of these streets will be completely reconstructed in the manner that Claychester Drive was last year.

Missouri-American Water Company is responsible for the water main replacement and restoration.  All questions should be directed to John Dixon, the project manager, at 314-996-2330

Project Update

 and Schedule

Bids were opened on 3/16 and Ford Asphalt was the low bidder.  The Board of Aldermen approved the contract on 4/9, and work is expected to start in late August

Last updated 7/13/18