Street Resurfacing Project

Project Summary
The 2019 Street Resurfacing Project includes the following streets: Briarbrook Trail, Gray Drive, Kenroyal Drive, Viewroyal Drive, Crestroyal Drive, and Fairoyal Drive Court.  Briarbrook Trail consists of full depth asphalt, and will be overlaid. The rest of the streets were all originally concrete, but some have been overlaid previously.  The existing asphalt overlay will be removed from those streets and replaced. The streets that are currently concrete will simply be overlaid.
Bids were opened March 29th, with Duraseal as the low bidder.  Notifications will be delivered and signs posted before each phase of the work starts.

Project Update

 and Schedule

Briarbrook Trail and Gray Drive have both been completed.

The work in Royal Acres started Thursday 8/22 with the removal of old asphalt from Viewroyal, Crestroyal, and Fairoyal Drive Court. The milling machine performed an "edge mill" on Kenroyal and Gateroyal, in order to create a new joint for laying asphalt.   The underlying concrete was inspected and marked for repairs. Before new asphalt can be placed, the substandard concrete must be repaired and curb ramps must be upgraded to ADA standards. Utility locates were called in, and this work began 9/3 on Crestroyal and Kenroyal. 

Paving of Kenroyal and Crestroyal is scheduled for Thursday/Friday 9/19-9/20. Duraseal will start at the Crestroyal cul-de-sac, paving out to Kenroyal.  Then later in the morning, they'll start Kenroyal at Gateroyal and pave toward Fairoyal (west to east).  If all goes perfectly, they will finish by Thursday night.  More than likely, they will have to finish on Friday.

If you live on Crestroyal, Gateroyal, or Kenroyal, please do not plan on coming and going throughout the day.  It works best if you either leave for the day from 8am-5pm or stay home all day due to the fresh oil, equipment, and crews on the street. Closing down the street completely is the safest way to complete the work, and eliminates the centerline joint, leaving us with the best possible product.
Emergency vehicles will have access if necessary.

Notification letters were delivered 9/17.

Significant concrete repairs and curb ramp upgrades are underway on Fairoyal Drive Court and Viewroyal. Once the concrete has cured, those streets will be overlaid. While much of the concrete work has been completed on each street, the rest should be completed by the end of this week.  Asphalt paving can occur once the concrete has achieved a week of cure time. This page and signage will be updated as we get closer.

Project Maps

Last updated 9/17/19