Street Resurfacing Project

Project Summary
The 2019 Street Resurfacing Project includes the following streets: Briarbrook Trail, Gray Drive, Kenroyal Drive, Viewroyal Drive, Crestroyal Drive, and Fairoyal Drive Court.  Briarbrook Trail consists of full depth asphalt, and will be overlaid. The rest of the streets were all originally concrete, but some have been overlaid previously.  The existing asphalt overlay will be removed from those streets and replaced. The streets that are currently concrete will simply be overlaid.
Bids were opened March 29th, with Duraseal as the low bidder.  Notifications will be delivered and signs posted before each phase of the work starts.

Project Update

 and Schedule

The first phase of work is installation of curbs at select locations (intersections) along Briarbrook Trail.  Curbs were installed the week of June 24th. Paving of Briarbrook was completed Tuesday/Wednesday July 2nd/3rd.  Backfilling of curbs took place during the week of July 8th.

Gray Drive was a concrete street with an asphalt overlay.  The asphalt was removed on Monday 7/1, and the underlying concrete was evaluated, then marked for repairs.  The repairs will be significant, lasting at least 3 weeks, before the asphalt overlay can occur. The start of work was delayed while waiting for utility locates.
Additional signage will be posted prior to paving. During paving, entire streets will be shut down to get the best possible end-product, and to keep everyone safe. The Oak Drive gate will be open during paving.

The work in Royal Acres will take place later this summer.

Project Maps

Last updated 7/17/19