Design Standards

Regulations & Exceptions
  • A pre-design meeting is recommended
  • The first-floor elevation of a replacement home may not be more than two feet higher than the first-floor elevation of the building being replaced unless:

    • The replacement is on a vacant lot, then it is two feet above the average first-floor elevation of adjoining homes
    • A different elevation is required to conform to other standards including flood plain regulations, historic designations, or subdivision indentures
    • A majority of first-floor elevations on the block are higher than the two-feet standard
    • The topography of the lot lends itself to a different elevation
  • An attached garage may not exceed 50 percent of floor area of the residence or more than 55 percent of the frontage of the structure
  • If a garage facing a street has more than two parking bays, the third bay must be offset by a distance of not less than one foot from the house setback
  • Construction fences, when required, shall be of solid wood or chain link with a top rail constructed in a workmanlike manner not less than 42 inches nor taller than 72 inches in height