Streets Division

Photo of a residential home and drivewayResponsibilities
The Streets Division consists of nine full-time employees who maintain the streets and sidewalks in Des Peres.

These individuals either directly or indirectly keep the approximately 45 centerline miles of City streets in good condition by making necessary repairs by performing the following functions:
  • Maintaining the City's infrastructure with concrete and asphalt repairs and replacement
  • Maintaining rights of way
  • Maintaining City equipment and vehicles   
  • Maintaining street signage       
  • Removing debris and hazardous tree limbs   
  • Responding to a variety of citizen concerns
  • Routinely inspecting contractors' work
  • Salting and snow removal   
  • Assisting the Parks Department as needed   


 Tim, Matt, Jason, Cody, Cory, Chuck, Dave M, Dave H


Public Works serves as the support arm of the Streets Division, and handles their calls of concern, purchasing, and recordkeeping.