2023 Capital Improvement Projects

Street and Sidewalk Projects

Cracksealing-West "half" of city: STARTING IN MID-APRIL
Sidewalk Replacements (Dougherty Ridge/Woods): STARTING IN MID-APRIL

Greenbriar Estates Cul-de-sac Reconstruction  UNDER CONTRACT

Bent Brook Road Slab Replacements  UNDER CONTRACT

Street Resurfacing (Apple Hill and part of Harwood Hills) DESIGN

Microsurfacing (Old Dougherty Ferry, Bellerosa, Westmark, Movie, Sateen, and part of Highland) BIDS 4/6

Manchester Road Improvements  (MoDOT project: 2022-2024)

Future Major Projects

(Federal grants)

Des Peres Road Roundabout  DELAYED INDEFINITELY
Lindemann Road Resurfacing (2024 Construction)


Building Improvements and New Building-Design underway, Construction starting in mid-2023


Miscellaneous Small Equipment (trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, etc.)

Replace 3/4T pickup DELIVERED

Replace 2T dump truck: ORDERED

Replace Bobcat skid-steer: ORDERED

Replace Asphalt Roller: DELIVERED 

Replace Air Compressor: ORDERED

Replace Wood Chipper: ORDERED

Last updated 3/29/23

Manchester Corridor Study (East of Ballas)

 This study started in 2016 and was completed in 2017.  Presentations were given to the Board of Aldermen during a work session and to the Planning & Zoning Commission during a regular meeting.  Having this study in place put the City in an excellent position to compete for federal project funding in the future, and provides a template to both MoDOT and developers. In 2018, the City was awarded a grant to complete pedestrian upgrades in conjunction with MoDOT's planned 2022 reconstruction of Manchester Road.
Final Report

Presentations Slides

Street Repairs Coming Soon