Public Safety Commission

L-R: Commissioner Matt McGrath, Commissioner Caitie Zimmerman, Commission Chair Larry Beermann, and Commissioner Robert Ashcraft

2019B Public Safety Commission


  • Third Monday of each month
  • 6:00 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chambers at City Hall
  • To view Agendas and Minutes, please click here


The Public Safety Commission is comprised of three citizen members appointed for two-year terms by the Aldermen from the ward they represent. In addition, the Mayor serves on the Public Safety Commission or may appoint a citizen to serve as the Mayor's representative. The commission also includes a representative from the Board of Aldermen selected by the board annually. The commission is staffed by the Director of Public Safety and their meetings attended by the senior management team of the department.

Members Wards Term Expiration
Larry Beermann Mayor's Representative June 30, 2024
Robert Ashcraft Ward One June 30, 2023
Matt McGrath Ward Two June 30, 2024
Caitie Zimmerman  Ward Three  June 30, 2023
Alderman Concagh Aldermanic Representative   


The Commission is charged with the responsibility to advise and assist the Director of Public Safety in evaluating departmental operations and budgets, consider employee grievances and citizen complaints, setting goals, and generally providing input on departmental programs. The Commission serves as the Traffic Commission of the City making recommendations on speed limits, parking restrictions, and other traffic related regulations.

The Public Safety Commission does not have superintending control over the Director of Public Safety and has no authority over day to day operations or personnel of the department. The Director of Public Safety reports to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen through the Office of the City Administrator.

The Public Safety Commission by ordinance is charged with the responsibility, after conferring with the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, to coordinate the process for the recruitment and selection of the Director of Public Safety. Appointment of the Director of Public Safety is by the Mayor with consent of the majority of the Board of Aldermen.