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Section 405.030:  Residential AA District
A.   The uses permitted in a residential "A" District are permitted in this district.
B.   No lot shall have an area of under thirty-two thousand (32,000) square feet, nor a width of less than one hundred twenty-five (125) feet at its street line, or at the building line on a cul-de-sac.
C.   The front yard shall be at least fifty (50) feet deep.
D.   The side yard shall be not less than twenty (20) feet wide.
E.   The rear yard shall be at least forty (40) feet deep.
F.   No building shall be erected or altered to exceed two and one-half (2 1/2) stories or thirty-five (35) feet, whichever is less.
G.   No dwelling shall have a main floor area of less than one thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet, excluding basement, breezeway, porch and garage.
H.   Special construction requirements are:
  1. All residences shall be constructed with fifty (50) percent brick or stone veneer exterior, exclusive of windows or doors.
  2. All residences shall have a two-car, screened carport or enclosed garage, and shall have a macadam or concrete driveway.
I.   Paved driveways consisting of concrete or asphalt pavement are required on all new construction.
J.   Exterior finish materials including brick, stone and siding for all homes, garages and retaining walls shall extend to within one (1) foot of the finished grade it being the intention of the city to minimize the areas of exposed concrete foundation.
K.   No dwelling unit may be constructed after adoption of this section which does not contain a garage subject to the following general conditions:
a.   No dwelling unit may be constructed after adoption of this section which does not include a garage subject to the following general conditions:
b.   Garages may not contain more than one thousand (1,000) square feet in combined gross floor area and must be sized to accommodate a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) cars.
c.   An attached garage may not exceed more than fifty (50) percent of the first floor area of a house nor more than fifty-five (55) percent of the front width of the structure.
d.   Garages which face a street (front or side) which has more than two (2) parking bays, shall include a minimum set back of no less than one (1) foot from the setback of the house or the two (2) car garage for parking bays in excess of two (2) bays.
(Ord. No. 1035, § 1, 4-25-83; Ord. No. 1356, §§ 2, 3, 11-14-88; Ord. No. 1360, § 2, 12-12-88; Ord. No. 2450, §§ 1, 3, 1-14-08)