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Street Resurfacing Project
Project Summary
The 2017 Street Resurfacing Project includes three locations: Claychester Drive (Bopp to bridge), Lillian Avenue, and Harwood Road. Claychester and Lillian include the removal of the existing concrete pavement and asphalt overlay, then construction of a new aggregate base, rolled curb, and full-depth asphalt pavement.  Harwood Road includes the replacement of select rolled curbs, addition of traffic calming features and parking areas, isolated base repair, milling of the existing asphalt surface, and installation of a new asphalt surface course. 

Open House March 8th for Claychester Drive and Lillian Avenue

The Director of Public Works gave a presentation at the April 10th Board of Aldermen meeting, describing this and all summer projects. A simplified version has been posted, as the original presentation included animation to explain stages of projects.

All of this summer's projects were covered on page 8 of the April Newsletter.

Bids for the project were opened on May 11th, and Gateway DCS was the successful bidder. The construction contract was approved at the 5/22 Board of Aldermen meeting.  Based upon citizen feedback at the 5/22 Board meeting, and Alderman Sansone's subsequent neighborhood meeting, the traffic calming, parking, and pedestrian features at Harwood Park have been removed from the project.

The full plans and specifications can be viewed online.  The traffic calming and parking proposed for Harwood Road are shown on sheets pages 115 and 116 of 130.  An exhibit further explaining the improvements is shown at the bottom of the page. More information on Traffic Calming can be found through the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) or by downloading this presentation prepared for this project.

Project Update
Lillian Avenue is being replaced in three phases.  Phase 1 (Tallie to cul-de-sac) has been fully reopened to traffic.  The final surface course will be installed in conjunction with Phases 2 and 3.
As with Phase 1, the block from Windemere to Tallie will be closed to all traffic, so that the pavement can be removed and replaced. During closures, residents will need to park on the other sections of Lillian, or on Tallie and Windemere.  Notices will be delivered prior to the start of work, and the "realty" signs will be updated.  Right now, work is focused on Claychester Drive, and work on Lillian will resume in late August.

Work on Claychester is nearing completion. From Bopp to Windridge is now open to traffic, as the base asphalt on Phase 3 was placed W 8/16. Phase 4 (Windridge to bridge) will begin on Th 8/17 and take 1-2 weeks, depending on weather.  It is a short phase, but work needed to be completed this way in order to maintain access for Windridge Drive/Court.  The Phase 4 notification letter will be delivered on Tuesday 8/15.

City staff and subdivision trustees are working with St. Clement's School to communicate these closures to parents, as school started on Monday, 8/14. We ask that all parents use the school's carpool dropoff/pickup system rather than using Windridge Court. Those walking to school can still use the pedestrian bridge and Windridge Court sidewalk. The City's engineering intern, Joe Wendl, will be on-site before and after school in order to safely escort pedestrians through the work zone.
Once all four phases have been completed, the curbs will be backfilled and the final surface course will be installed on the whole street at once, which will require a one-day closure.  This should occur by the end of August.

Work on Harwood Road is projected to start in September, once Claychester Drive is fully reopened to traffic.  Missouri-American Water Company has a restoration contractor scheduled to start work on 9/5. They will replace the concrete slabs over their trench in order to prevent future settlement.
The base of Harwood Road is relatively good condition, so it is not being fully reconstructed like the other streets.  First, portions of the curbs will be replaced where needed (mostly to south).  After that is finished, 2" of existing asphalt will be removed, base repairs will be completed if necessary, and 2" of new asphalt will be installed.   

Letters will be delivered prior to the start of each stage of work, but this website is always the best place to go for the most current information.

Last updated 8/16/17