Michelle Sadtler

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: BODYLOW™/BODYPUMP™ Instructor
Michelle Sadtler

St. Louis

Why I got involved in Teaching Group Exercise:
I was somewhat thrown into it almost 30 years ago and I’m so glad I was! I have never regretted it. There is a joy in being alongside people as they choose to make better choices and live for the day. It is amazing to see the changes in the industry every year and I find it fascinating to learn new trends and the science behind them. 

What motivates me to keep in shape:
I enjoy being active and running with my kids. I workout to feel good and all the other benefits seem to follow. 

Why My Class is Unique:
I love science and the human body and have six years of education in Exercise Physiology/Science. This allows me to make sure participants are moving as safely as possible and how to work around any current issues they may be experiencing. You will find all of the instructors are committed and passionate and just want the best for you and your fitness journey!


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