Christi Gleason

The Lodge Water Exercise Team
Title: Hydrotone, Into the Deep

Berkeley Heights, NJ

College Attended
Undergrad American University, MS from California University Of Pennsylvania, MBA from Fontbonne

Why I Got Involved In Teaching Water Exercise
I was a group fitness instructor already and had to take off from work for foot surgery in early 1998. My boss wanted me back in work sooner. I learned to teach before going in and I was back to work in only four weeks.

What Motivates Me To Keep In Shape
I was an overweight kid and started doing aerobics daily to get in shape for dance class. I never stopped because I enjoyed it. I also have immediate family members who have had bad health problems and am a thyroid cancer survivor myself.

Why My Class Is Unique
I keep you active the whole time whether it is aerobics or arthritis class. You will be encouraged to challenge yourself. We will have fun but you will work. Oh, and I don’t use equipment most of the time as I feel it is a time waster. Instead, we use the water resistance since it provides plenty.

How Long Have I've Taught Group Exercise
Dance teacher from 1990. Group exercise since 1994, water aerobics since 1997.

How Long Have I've Participated in Group Exercise
Since age 9, 1984




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