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Employee Wellness Program

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the summer months deter you from working out. The Lodge fitness and wellness team have developed this 30-day challenge to assist all part-time and full-time Des Peres employees with sticking to your exercise regimen. Based upon the ultra endurance IRONMAN Triathlons, this challenge requires you to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles! Have no fear; you have 30 days to accomplish it! Employee participants can use the fitness center, spinning classes, the indoor and outdoor aquatic centers. Not a great swimmer? You can accumulate your swimming miles by water walking. A conversion chart will be provided upon registration. Participants will receive tracking sheets along with directions for the challenge. To assist you in staying on track, we will have weekly check-ins, which will require the participants to turn in their mileage. If you meet the weekly goal, small incentive prizes will be awarded. All participants that meet the challenge will get a T-shirt. Thank you to our Sponsor, Thrivent Financial.
Minimum 15/Maximum 250
Session: #3475 June 12 – July 11
Location: Anywhere!
Cost: FREE for all Des Peres full-time and part-time employees

(Full-time and Year Round Part-time Employees Only)
-FREE Lodge membership while employed with the City of Des Peres. Seasonal employees receive a free membership only for the duration of their seasonal employment (no family memberships discounts available). Employees will need to complete an employee application at The Lodge and verify City employment.
-FREE group exercise classes listed on the group exercise schedule for year round part-time and full-time employees. Please check-in with the front desk in order to take the class and show your Lodge membership card. Classes which have full registration are not available FREE to employees, but employees can still purchase one of the drop-in spots.
-Employees can purchase 3, 1hour sessions of personal training for $99. This is the only discounted personal training package available to City employees.  For more information contact the Fitness Supervisor at 314.835.6153 to schedule sessions.
-Employees pay only $35 for the Get Tanked program that we offer 3 times a year
-FREE Water Waddlers year round
-FREE River Walking in the summer
-FREE Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation Tools - Contact the Fitness Supervisor at 314.835.6153 to schedule an appointment

For most people, annual physicals have been replaced by periodic wellness exams based on age and general health. While it may be tempting to think of these visits as optional, they provide a unique opportunity for exchanging vital information with your doctor. A physical exam gives your doctor a basis for comparison as your physical
condition changes with age – and it gives you the chance to ask questions and build a relationship with your doctor.

During your checkup, you should expect both conversational probing and physical screenings for various conditions, as well as more general tests for body mass index (MBI) and to spot hearing loss or visual impairment. Together, these screenings represent a shift in focus from early diagnosis to prevention. read more and review wellness calendar