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Sports - Private Tennis Lesson Form

  1. Please check all times that you are available for lessons. Lessons are 60 minutes in length. We will check with our available instructors and contact you as soon as possible to schedule your first session. Thank you for choosing Des Peres Parks and Recreation!

  2. By initialing, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Private Tennis Lesson Policies: 1)Tennis lessons cancelled due to weather will be made up at a time convenient for both instructor and student; 2) Private lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance of lesson will be forfeited. Cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance will be rescheduled. 3) Private lesson packages expire 1 year from date of purchase. If accommodations due to a disability are needed to participate please call Terri Johnson, Inclusion Coordinator, at 314-835-6157. In case of inclement weather, please call 314-835-6138 for program cancellation information. By initialing, I also agree to the City of Des Peres waiver of release and liability below.
    The Des Peres Parks and Recreation Department is not responsible for any injury or loss of property suffered while participating in Des Peres Parks and Recreation activities, using equipment, or on any Des Peres Parks and Recreation premises, for any reason whatsoever, including ordinary negligence on the part of Des Peres Parks and Recreation, its employees, instructors, or agents, from any and all present and future claims resulting from participation in activities both present and future, that may be made by the registrant, the registrant's family, estate, heirs, or assigns. By participating, you agree to having your picture or likeness represented and published in any City of Des Peres publication or media. By participating, you represent that you are in good health. You are aware that health, fitness and recreation activities may range from vigorous cardiovascular activity to the exertion of strength training; and that these, and other activities provided by Des Peres Parks and Recreation involve certain risks, including but not limited to death, disability, serious neck and spinal injuries resulting in complete paralysis, heart attack, and injury to bones, joints or muscles. By participating, you and your family are agreeing to voluntarily participate in activities with full knowledge of the inherent risks of property damage, personal injury, or death. You understand that Des Peres Parks and Recreation encourages you to consult a physician before beginning any exercise or recreation program. You understand and agree to this waiver to be as broad and inclusive as the laws of the State of Missouri will permit and affirm that you freely agree to the rules and regulations of the Des Peres Parks and Recreation Department.

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