Photo of dedication ceremonyBittersweet Woods
Joan and Jean Goodson donated the property known as Bittersweet Woods, which acquired its name out of Joan’s love of bittersweet.

As Edward E. Murphy said in his remarks during the April 25, 1998 dedication of Bittersweet Woods,
“Now a part of the Goodson heritage will be preserved forever so that future generations can enjoy it. There will be at least 10 acres of the tract that will never know the touch of a bulldozer, a chainsaw, or an asphalt paving machine because of the generosity of Jean and Joan.”

Our good friend, Jean Goodson, died on October 4, 2003, at his home in Des Peres. To date, Joan remains an active member of our community. It was an honor to have Mrs. Goodson at the ribbon cutting ceremony to open Bittersweet Woods.

Phantom Forest

In 1949, Claire and Ray Moore purchased 13 acres along Barrett Station Road. The Moore property is a reflection of Claire’s passion for trees, plants, and wildflowers indigenous to our area. Upon Mrs. Moore’s death on June 1, 2005, the property was donated to the Missouri Department of Conservation. In honor of Ray Moore, the original illustrator of the Phantom comic strip, Claire named the property Phantom Forest.

In her eloquent words, “I hope the forest is a source of quiet pleasure in the midst of a locality that is building up so fast. People need a place to walk that is more natural. I hope it means something to a lot of other people, too.”