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Get a 4-page personalized body fat analysis that includes: body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, target body fat percentage for optimal health, resting metabolic rate, caloric expenditure by exercise and a detailed history of previous body fat testing!  Get Tanked and get the most accurate measurement of your body fat percentage! We advise you not to eat two hours before the test, this may affect your results by up to 1.5%, but no more.  You will be completely submerged in a heated water tank (chemically treated for sanitization similar to a pool) so please bring a swimsuit and towel. Reserve your appointment time online below at no cost. Payment is given to the instructor at the time of the appointment (check, cash and credit cards accepted). 

 Cost: $55/New Clients; $35/Retests


Saturday, April 1: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m

Instructor: Laura Dobelman

Location: Lodge Parking Lot 

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Additional Information   

Eating 2 hours before the test may affect your results by up to 1.5%, but not more. Therefore, we advise you not to eat within two hours before the test. Working out and drinking water is alright. You should try to use the restroom and take a shower if possible. Also, please do not have large amounts of makeup or hair gel on when testing.

The water is chemically treated for cleanliness, similar to a swimming pool or spa, and is run on a constant filtration system throughout the day. The lab is fully heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer to provide a comfortable testing environment.

A trained technician will be with you every second of the test. You will have privacy and confidentiality during the entire test, which only takes 10 minutes. You may have a friend in the clinic at the same time observing if you wish.
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