Fitness & Wellness


Get fit and stay fit with a Lodge Personal Trainer who will guide you through functional movement using unorthodox equipment. The training sessions will consist of strength and endurance exercises for the whole body primarily activating your core muscles. The class is perfect for individuals who want a great group workout with a personal trainer! This class is not for beginners or individuals with limitations in their knees or back; no assessments will be done prior to class. Showers are not available at City Studio but participants may use the locker rooms at The Lodge. Minimum 4/Maximum 16
$48/Member; $50/Resident; $58/Non-Resident (8 weeks)
$60/Member; $63/Resident; $73/Non-Resident (10 weeks)*
$66/Member; $69/Resident; $80/Non-Resident (11 weeks)**
Ages: 16 and older
Days: Monday OR Wednesday
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Instructor: Stephen Wilkinson
Location: City Studio in Des Peres Park
#6124 January 8 – March 12 (no class 1/15, 2/19)
#6125 January 3 – March 14**
#6126 March 19 – May 21*
#6127 March 21 – May 23*