Pickleball Clinics


Private and semi-private lessons are a perfect option for players looking to catch up or get ahead.  Our lessons give the participant individualized attention to help improve or teach the basics of pickleball. You set the agenda by working with the instructor to determine goals. The instructor will then customize lessons to meet these objectives.  Private Pickleball lessons are available for youth and adults who are beginners to the sport or those who have been playing at a beginner level.  Purchase your lesson package at the link below or by contacting Darryl Miller at 314-835-6164.  Lessons must be paid for prior to scheduling lesson times.  Lessons are one hour in length and packages of 1 lesson, 4 lessons or 8 lessons will be available.  Lessons can accommodate one to four people.  Prices below are based on one player.  Please add $10 to the package price below for each additional player.  Minimum 1/Maximum 4

 Age: All Ages

 Session: Based on instructor and student availability

 Instructor: Ernie Schluter

 Location: Des Peres Park Pickleball Courts / The Lodge Des Peres Pickleball Courts

Purchase Package Link:  Private Pickleball Lessons

Member/Resident Cost   Non-Resident Cost

$55: Single lesson, 1 Person      $66: Single lesson, 1 Person

$65: Single lesson, 2 Persons                                                         $76: Single lesson, 2 Persons

$75: Single lesson, 3 Persons                                                         $86: Single lesson, 3 Persons

$85: Single lesson, 4 Persons                                                         $96: Single lesson, 4 Persons

$200: Four lessons, 1 Person                                                          $240: Four lessons, 1 Person

$210: Four lessons, 2 Persons                                                        $250: Four lessons, 2 Persons

$220: Four lessons, 3 Persons                                                        $260: Four lessons, 3 Persons

$230: Four lessons, 4 Persons                                                        $270: Four lessons, 4 Persons

$350: Eight lessons, 1 Person                                                         $420: Eight lessons, 1 Person

$360: Eight lessons, 2 Persons                                                       $430: Eight lessons, 2 Persons

$370: Eight lessons, 3 Persons                                                       $440: Eight lessons, 3 Persons

$380: Eight lessons, 4 Persons                                                       $450: Eight lessons, 4 Persons