Corporate and Employee Rates

If you work at a business located in the City of Des Peres, you are eligible for a discounted Resident Corporate Membership listed below

Corporate Membership Rates - through December 31, 2023Annual    (Monthly)
Youth, ages 3 years old to 17 years old $285       ($25.00)
Adult, ages 18 years old to 59 years old $395       ($34.50)
Senior, ages 60 years old and up $340       ($29.75)
Family $765       ($67.00)

Corporate Membership Rates - begining January 1, 2024 Annual    (Monthly)
Youth, ages 3 years old to 17 years old $300       ($26.25)
Adult, ages 18 years old to 59 years old $415       ($40.00)
Senior, ages 60 years old and up $357       ($31.25)
Family $850       ($75.00)

General Requirements

Guests purchasing either corporate membership must show proof of employment by providing a current paycheck stub and driver’s license. For the corporate resident rate, paycheck stubs must have a Des Peres business address.

Non-Resident Corporate Memberships

Non-Resident Corporate Memberships are offered for businesses outside of the City of Des Peres. There is a one-time corporate fee of $200 for a non-resident business. In addition, a minimum of five guests must register together initially to receive the annual non-resident corporate membership rate listed above. Businesses currently part of the Non-Resident Corporate list are:

  • Anchor Packaging
  • Central State Water Resources (CSWR)
  • Cequel III / TierPoint
  • Charter Communications
  • Covenant Theological Seminary
  • DataServ
  • Dirxion
  • Edward Jones
  • Fish Window Cleaning  
  • Gateway Underwriters Agency
  • Kirkwood School District*
  • Parkway School District *
  • Principia School
  • Provision Living
  • T.C. Jacoby and Company, Inc.
  • Textron Financial
  • The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance
  • West County Radiological Group
  • Westward Financial Strategies

Please email Aaron Kaminski for more information on Non-Resident Corporate Memberships.

*One-time non-resident corporate membership set-up fee of $200 waived.

Additional Information

For more information, please call 314.835.6150

$360      ($30.00)
$360      ($30.00)
$695      ($57.91)