Behavior Standards & Discipline Policy

The following Behavior Standards and Discipline Policy have been prepared to ensure that every guest and member has a great experience and safe time at The Lodge and in City of Des Peres Parks. Please take the time to read this carefully and if applicable review with your family.

Behavior Standard
  • Member and guest responsibilities
    • Members and guests shall be courteous and respectful
    • Members and guests shall obey the rules of the facility
    • Members and guests shall show respect for each other, City property and the personal property of others
  • Enforcement of facility rules
    • Facility rules will be enforced at all times
  • Expulsion
    • In severe cases, the Director of Parks and Recreation will have the authority to permanently revoke memberships as well as access to The Lodge and the City of Des Peres Park system

Full Policy
For more details and to read our full policy, please view our Full Behavior Standards and Discipline Policy.