Personal Property Inventory

It is recommended that you keep a current record of your valuables, including serial numbers and photographs, to use if you are burglarized or suffer damage from a fire or other destruction to property. If you’re the victim of a burglary, you might not be able to prove rightful ownership of recovered property without positive identification by a serial number or other unique identifier engraved or marked on your property. Recovered property that can’t be positively identified as being stolen cannot be used as evidence against the thief. An inventory list with pictures is also helpful when filing an insurance claim after a burglary, fire, or other property loss.

Use this form to record descriptions, serial numbers, and values of items most likely to be stolen during a burglary or damaged during a fire or other property destruction. If you have valuable jewelry, silver, antiques, art, etc., take photographs of the items and record any marks, blemishes, or features that make them uniquely identifiable. Keep this property inventory and accompanying photographs with your insurance papers in a safe place, preferably one that is fireproof. View the Personal Property Inventory List.