Residential Development

Population Growth
Des Peres has grown from an initial population of 550 at the time of incorporation in 1934, to a present day population of 8,373 (2010 Census). That growth is a result of both new home construction and major annexations of residential areas to the west and south of the original city in 1973 and 1975, as well as smaller annexations in 1999.

The City has set its ultimate boundary west of Barrett Station Road to the center line of Grand Glaize Creek, but the City is not actively pursuing that annexation.

First Subdivision
Residential development as we know it today began in the mid1920s with the subdivision of the Moll Farm into a 448lot subdivision now known as Manhattan Heights.

Lots were only 25 feet wide by 125 feet long, making them too small for individual construction. Through arrangements with a local movie theater, free lots were offered as attendance prizes.

To encourage the purchase of additional lots, alternate lots were given away and the winners allowed to purchase the adjoining lot. As a result, the area developed slowly and many of the homes sit on two to four of the original lots.

Post War Residential Growth
Des Peres, like the rest of the suburban metropolitan area, experienced rapid postwar residential growth with development of new subdivisions including Harwood Hills, Berkley Manor and Royal Acres.

The 1970s saw development of Dougherty Woods, Dougherty Lakes, and Four Winds Farm along Des Peres Road. However, over 25 percent of the housing units in Des Peres have been constructed since 1980.

Looking Ahead
A number of new subdivisions have been platted in recent years. Construction began in 2013 for the Wynhurst Luxury Home Development on Des Peres Road.

In addition to new subdivisions under construction, Des Peres is experiencing redevelopment in existing neighborhoods resulting in demolition of older homes and replacement with newer homes.