Manchester Road Improvements

Project Summary

MoDOT is in the process of designing improvements to Manchester Road from approximately Lindbergh Blvd to I-270. This is not to be confused with their previous project segment, from Big Bend to Lindbergh. MoDOT’s scope includes the replacement of sidewalks and driveway aprons, and resurfacing of the street. The cities of Kirkwood and Des Peres are partnering with MoDOT to include additional features. Des Peres applied for a grant in May 2018 through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments to incorporate concepts from the Manchester Corridor Study (see more below). The grant was approved, providing 80% reimbursement for all phases of the project.

A few aspects to be included in Des Peres include backlit street signs, continental crosswalks, delineation of sidewalks through aprons, bus stop improvements, and reduction of driveways.

Project Update and Schedule

MoDOT had already selected EFK-Moen to complete design of the overall project, so both Kirkwood and Des Peres also selected EFK-Moen to design their scopes. Preliminary plans have been developed and were submitted to MoDOT in late January 2020. Having received approval of the preliminary plans, design has continued. Since this is a small add-on to MoDOT’s overall project, we are fully reliant upon their schedule and project management. The right-of-way (ROW) Acquisition Phase will take place in 2021, as MoDOT obtains easements necessary for construction. The City will be acquiring six easements related to bus stop benches. While construction was initially scheduled to start in 2021, it is now slated to start in spring 2022. 

Last updated 12/28/20

Manchester Corridor Study (East of Ballas)

This study started in 2016 and was completed in 2017. Presentations were given to the Board of Aldermen during a work session and to the Planning & Zoning Commission during a regular meeting. Having this study in place put the City in an excellent position to compete for federal project funding in the future, and provides a template to both MoDOT and developers. In 2018, the City was awarded a grant to complete pedestrian upgrades in conjunction with MoDOT’s planned reconstruction of Manchester Road.
Final Report
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