Fitness & Wellness

Please find the sub list for our group exercise classes below.  We do our best to post any subs as soon as possible so we can still offer you a great class.  We know that every instructor is unique and may not give you the exact class that you are accustomed to but we hope you enjoy the new experience. 

Group Exercise Sub List as of 3/21/19

Date Day Time Class Name Sub Name
Ongoing Tuesday/Thursday 11:00 AM Yoga/BODYFLOW Artie H. (Ongoing)
Ongoing Tuesday 10:00 AM Group Strength Artie H. (Ongoing)
Ongoing Thursday 10:00 AM BODYPUMP Tricia S. (Ongoing)
3/22/19 Friday 9:15 AM Basic Training Cynthia S.
3/23/19 Saturday 7:30 AM Goalbusters Mary L.
3/25/19 Monday 11:00 AM Into the Deep Cheryl B.
4/1/19 Monday 11:00 AM Into the Deep Cheryl B.
4/14/19 Sunday 9:45 AM BODYPUMP Libby G.
4/29/19 Monday 9:00 AM Forever Young Sandy C.
4/29/19 Monday 10:00 AM Into the Deep Sandy C.
5/8/19 Wednesday 6:30 PM Cycling Anjuli S.
5/15/19 Wednesday 5:30 PM Into the Deep STILL NEED SUB
5/16/19 Thursday 6:30 PM Water Combo Crazy Diane D.