Memorial Bench and Tree Program

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Donations of trees and benches are gratefully accepted by the Parks Department for the continued beautification and support of the Des Peres Park System. The gift of a tree or bench is a lasting tribute that recognizes and honors the legacy of a loved one, organization, or event.  Your donation will be used to purchase a tree or bench to be located in the park of your choice.  The Department reserves the right to waive or reject any donation which is not in compliance with its long-range goals. Trees are planted in late Fall. 

Locations of tree/benches to be agreed upon prior to installation by park staff.  Memorial Trees are warranted by the City for one year, after which trees can be replanted for the actual cost of the tree.  Tree selection is subject to availability from growers.  Memorial Trees include a 3” x 5” inscribed plastic plaque that hangs on a chain from the tree. Tree plaques are warranted by the City for 5 years.  The Memorial Tree inscription will also be added to the plaque located on the first floor of the Des Peres City Hall.  Memorial Benches include a 2” x 10” cast plaque permanently mounted on the seat back.  Memorial Benches are warranted by the bench manufacturer (DuMor, Inc.) for 20 years. 

To request a tree or bench be planted or installed in one of our parks please complete the Tree and Park Bench Application.

A maximum of 10 tree donations will be accepted each year on a first come, first-serve basis.

Memorial Trees - $350

A maximum of 2 bench donations will be accepted each year on a first come, first-serve basis.

Memorial Bench

  • Des Peres Park - $3,000
  • Sugar Creek Park - $2,500
  • Pioneer Park - $2,500
  • Harwood Park - $2,500
  • Bittersweet Woods Conservation Area - $3,000
  • Phantom Forest Conservation Area - $3,000

The City of Des Peres will complete routine maintenance associated with memorial items (i.e., mulching and grass cutting), but is not responsible for damaged, stolen, or vandalized items.  While these issues will most likely be identified as a result of City inspections, the ultimate responsibility for inspecting these items belongs to the individual or family that purchased the memorial.  If the memorial items and/or related plaque is in need of replacement/repair, it is the sole responsibility of the individual or family that purchased the memorial outside of the above stated warranties.  The City of Des Peres will reorder and reinstall trees and plaques, but the cost of such items is not the responsibility of the City.