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Tai Chi combines gentle movements, Qigong, meditation and traditional Chinese martial arts. Students of all ages will learn the basic form of Chen Style Tai Chi for health and wellness, as well as the principle and philosophy of Tai Chi. Tai Chi exercise improves circulation, stability and overall health. Instructor Master Du is a Sixth Generation Descendant of Yang Style Tai Chi Quan and Twelfth Generation Descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi Quan. For more information on the instructor, please visit Minimum 4/Maximum 16.
$96/Member; $100/Resident; $114/Non-Resident (8 weeks)
$119/Member; $125/Resident; $149/Non-Resident (10 weeks)
Ages: 16 and Older
Instructor: Master Violet Li
Location: Lodge Group Exercise Studio
Monday, 1 - 2 p.m. 
#13169 August 3 – October 5 (9 weeks, no class 9/7) 


Clinically proven, Tai Chi is great for health both physically and mentally. "Tai Chi Basics" is designed for beginners but advanced Tai Chi practitioners can also benefit from its practice. The curriculum will include but not limit to Joint Flexion for warm-up, Silk Reeling, Tai Chi Chih, Tai Chi Fit, short Tai Chi forms (i.e. Bai Si Fang, Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail), and Qigong (energy) exercises. It can help to restore the harmony and balance in practitioners. It can be done both sitting and standing.  
Cost: $119/Member; $125/Resident; $149/Non-Resident 
Age: 16 and Older
Day: Wednesday
Time: 1 - 2 p.m.
Wednesday, 1 - 2 p.m. 
#13171 August 5 – October 7 (10 weeks) 
Instructor: Master Violet Li
Location: Lodge Group Exercise Studio 

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Instructor Master Violet Li is a 12th Generation Chen Tai Chi Inheritor and has trained thousands of people locally and internationally.


When he was a child, he started to learn martial arts and Chinese medicine from his father. Later on, he learned from many Martial Arts Grand Masters, among them are Gongwei Xu, top ten Martial Arts masters Yuanze Qian, Young Style Tai Chi Grand Master Maosong He and Chen Style Tai Chi Grand Masters Xiaoxing Chen and Xiaowang Chen. He also has won many national and international Martial Arts Championships.  Arthur was the Assistant Director for Jiangsu Provincial Anti-aging Association, Tai Chi Senior Coach and received formal Chinese Medicine training through Jiangsu Provisional Chinese Medicine College. He has been researching and looking for ways to do Tai Chi to prevent aging and increase longevity for many years. Arthur also combined the Chinese medicine theories and Daoism into his Tai Chi teaching which formed a deeply welcomed and effective method. He has also been helping people know more about Tai Chi Quan and Tai Chi culture in order to improve health and have a happy life.