Topping Lane Drainage

Project Summary
The 2016 budget included the design of potential drainage improvements for Topping Lane.  Kuhlmann design Group (KdG) was hired to survey the street and provide design options.  
Due to the cost of executing the project, the Board of Aldermen  split the project into phases. The 2017 budget includes funding storm sewer repairs.  Delaying the street work until 2018 will allow for more infill housing construction to be completed before adding curbs and resurfacing the street.

Project Update

This summer, the box culvert running across the street from #10 to #7 will be modified, with additional inlets and piping installed in front of #7. A new inlet will also be installed between #20 and #22 Topping, along with some grading.  

Bids were opened March 20th, and Krupp Construction was awarded the contract at the March 27th Board meeting.  Krupp was first on-site the week of May 1st, performing exploratory digging in order to uncover utilities.  They immediately found a water main in conflict with the proposed inlet at #7 Topping.  The water main was located 10' closer to the road than the survey had indicated, with a phone line 3' behind it.  Therefore, the inlet cannot be installed, and plans will be modified in the field.  Krupp plans to resume work on 5/12, this time at the inlet location between #20 and #22.

Updated 5/11/2017