Highland Avenue & Shari Drive Improvements

Project Summary

The 2021 Capital Improvement Budget included funding for engineering review and design of improvements to Highland Avenue. The street has exhibited extensive deterioration in recent years due to water coming off the hillside to the west and running down to the creek on the east. Given the condition of Shari Drive, it only made sense for us to reconstruct it at the same time as Highland Avenue. 

G&W Engineering was hired to survey the area and prepare a conceptual design. A presentation of the conceptual design was delivered to the Board at their 8/9/21 meeting, after which they voted to proceed with full design of the project. PDF of 8/9/21 Presentation

Our project will use a process called full-depth reclamation (FDR) to grind up the old asphalt and underlying gravel, then mix in cement and regrade it before laying a new asphalt surface. One of the advantages of FDR is that local traffic can travel on the compacted base at the end of each workday.  The project will also install curbs and stormwater inlets at select locations to direct water away from the pavement and into the creek.  

Bids were opened 3/31/22 with Spencer Contracting as the only bidder. The Board of Aldermen approved a contract with Spencer at their 4/11/22 meeting. Thanks to a successful grant application, the project cost will be reduced by $98,000 and remain under budget.

Project Schedule/Update

This project has been completed

Last Updated 10/27/22