Bopp Road Resurfacing Project

Project Summary
This project is four years in the making. The City applied for a grant in March 2016 through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments and the federal Surface Transportation Program (STP). The project was designed in 2018 and 2019 and an easement was acquired in 2019. Construction is slated for 2020. The City receives 80% reimbursement for each phase of work. Bopp Road is eligible for funding due to its status as an Urban Collector.

The existing curb ramps will be brought up to ADA standards and a pair of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) will be installed at St. Clement School (see example at Pioneer Park). Curbs will be replaced where needed, then the existing asphalt surface will be removed and replaced. If necessary, the underlying base will be repaired prior to final paving.

Project Update and Schedule

Bids were opened 3/17, with Spencer Contracting as the low bidder. Their contract was approved by the Board of Aldermen 3/23. Bid results were also sent to MoDOT for concurrence, due to the federal funding. Work is expected to start after Memorial Day. 

Updated 3/25/20