In-Fill Housing Regulations

Providing a Framework
In-fill housing regulations provide a framework to control or mitigate the impact that demolishing homes and constructing replacement homes has on a neighborhood.

Ordinance No. 2368, enacted July 24, 2006, imposes new regulations governing in-fill housing in the City of Des Peres. These regulations are effective with all building permits issued on or after August 1, 2006.

Please find an In-fill Permit Submittal Checklist at this link. Plan review times vary with a minimum of ten business days. After the review is approved, and prior to permit issuance, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled to further review the project.

Please click here to view our Municipal Code of Ordinances pertaining to In-fill housing.

Helpful Definitions

In-fill housing is the construction of a new home on a vacant lot within an established subdivision, or the demolition of an existing home to allow construction of a new home. This does not mean the construction of a home within a new subdivision.

Major Addition

A major addition is considered to be the construction of an accessory building greater than 250 square feet, or an addition to a home greater than 500 square feet.

If you have any questions regarding these regulations, please contact the Department of Public Works at