2020 Capital Improvement Projects

Street and Sidewalk Projects

Cracksealing (starting soon)
Sidewalk Replacements (under contract)
Fawnvalley Slab Replacements (starting 4/6)
Street Resurfacing-Des Peres Drive, Ballas Meadows, Ridgefield (under contract)
Fairoyal Drive Reconstruction (design near completion)
Bopp Road Resurfacing (under contract)

Future Major Projects

Manchester Road Improvements  (MoDOT project: 2022-2023)
Des Peres Road Roundabout  (2022 Construction-design under contract)


Brine System Purchase/Installation


Building Official's Vehicle Replacement (purchased and in-use)
Skid-Steer & Trailer (purchased and in-use)
Electronic Message Panel (purchased and in-use)
Miscellaneous Small Equipment

Manchester Corridor Study (East of Ballas)

This study started in 2016 and was completed in 2017.  Presentations were given to the Board of Aldermen during a work session and to the Planning & Zoning Commission during a regular meeting.  Having this study in place put the City in an excellent position to compete for federal project funding in the future, and provides a template to both MoDOT and developers. In 2018, the City was awarded a grant to complete pedestrian upgrades in conjunction with MoDOT's planned 2022 reconstruction of Manchester Road.
Final Report
Presentations Slides

Street Repairs Coming Soon