2018 Capital Improvement Projects

Street and Sidewalk Projects

Cracksealing (awarded to PLM) - substantially complete
Sidewalk Replacement 
(awarded to M&H) - substantially complete
Street Resurfacing 
(awarded Ford Asphalt)
Fairoyal Drive Reconstruction 
(awarded to M&H) - in progress
Street Slab Replacement (awarded Aztec Concrete Specialties) - in progress
Topping Lane Improvements (awarded to Spencer Contracting)

Water Main Replacement        

Missouri-American Water Company is responsible for all water main replacements, and questions should be directed to John Dixon at 314-996-2330
Christine Avenue-restoration wrapping up (6/12)
Vinetta Drive-replacement has been completed, with restoration work starting after 6/12


Oak Drive Bridge 
(awarded to Kozeny-Wagner) - in progress

Parks Project

Conservation Area Parking (awarded to Sweetens) - completed


Salt Spreader Hanger-under design by CDG
Door Replacements-completed
Air Compressor-completed


1 Ton Flatbed Truck with spreader and plow-truck delivered, equipment awarded to Kranz
2 Ton Dumptruck with spreader and plow-truck ordered, equipment awarded to Knapheide


Manchester Corridor Study (East of Ballas)

This study started in 2016 and was completed in 2017.  Presentations were given to the Board of Aldermen during a work session and to the Planning & Zoning Commission during a regular meeting.  Having this study in place puts the City in an excellent position to compete for federal project funding in the future, and provides a template to both MoDOT and developers.
Final Report
Presentations Slides